The Doctrine of the Resurrection

Why does the Christian religion depend on Jesus’ resurrection? How could we prove the resurrection of Jesus? Did the Old Testament give us any reason to hope for Jesus’ resurrection?              In the resurrection of Jesus, the doctrines of “God’s character and purposes, creation, humanity as the covenant servant, and Christ as Lord and Servant—converge.”[1] … Continue reading The Doctrine of the Resurrection

He Loved Us so He Made Us

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on If you have ever worried about your self-worth, remember that God made you and that he made the universe so you could live, flourish, and see his glory so that you could love Him and know you are loved by Him. Our Creator is a personal God. Furthermore, … Continue reading He Loved Us so He Made Us

Munus Triplex: Jesus is the Prophet, Priest and King

            How can we describe all that Jesus has done? This seems like an impossible task, but the munus triplex has been a helpful way of summarizing all that Jesus has done. The munus triplex refers to Jesus’ work as Prophet, Priest, and King. The Old Testament sets up these Messianic expectations for the Messiah … Continue reading Munus Triplex: Jesus is the Prophet, Priest and King

What is the Atonement?

Photo by Ryan Delfin on ATONEMENT “Christ died for our sins” (Romans 4:25)             “How has Christ abolished sin, banished the separation between us and God, and acquired righteousness to render God favorable and kindly toward us?”[1] Jonathan Edwards said, “God abundantly testified by the sacrifices, from the beginning of the world, that an … Continue reading What is the Atonement?


Photo by Pixabay on             How does God have relationships with mankind? All relationships are built around individuals who have some sort of an agreement about what that relationship will look like. As we look to our relationship with God, we understand that there is an understanding of what that relationship should look like … Continue reading Covenants

“I Open At the Close”: A Brief Introduction to the Book of Revelation

            “I open at the close” was inscribed on the golden snitch Professor Dumbledore gave to Harry Potter. As Harry concluded that everything would open up at the end, with his sacrifice imminent, he welcomed what would come through the expectation of what would come later. In as similar way, the Bible opens at the … Continue reading “I Open At the Close”: A Brief Introduction to the Book of Revelation

Triunity and Togetherness

Photo by Markus Spiske on God is one (Deut. 6:4), yet there are three divine persons (Matt. 28:19-20; Jn. 1:1). The reality of the Trinity is demonstrated clearly when Jesus was baptized (Matt. 3:13-17). Jesus was in the water, the Father spoke from Heaven, and the Spirit descended as a dove to rest … Continue reading Triunity and Togetherness

Busy Bees

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Bees may very well be the most important animal on the planet (I do not view humans as animals. We are created in the image of God to be his reflecting ambassadors bringing about his rule on earth). Bees spread pollen. I don't like pollen, but we all depend … Continue reading Busy Bees

Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand: Immutability

“Time is filled with swift transition” but thankfully we can always hold to God’s unchanging hand. God said, “I the Lord change not” (Mal. 3:6). God is eternally perfect. He does not improve and does not weaken in any way.There is no potential in God. There is nothing about God which is not always perfect. … Continue reading Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand: Immutability

The God Who Is and Chose To Be With Us: Divine Aseity and Human Adoration

There has to be a cause for everything that began to exist. He gives life to everything (Acts 17:25). No one gave life to God. He exists by his own power (this is called aseity). He is the God who eternally is (Ex. 3:14). God does not need us or anything else in creation. Every … Continue reading The God Who Is and Chose To Be With Us: Divine Aseity and Human Adoration