God, the Author

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. Hebrews 1:1–3. One of our beloved hymns, “Give Me The … Continue reading God, the Author

The Ministry of the Word

Professor Dumbledore said, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” Words used powerfully and beautifully made J.K. Rowling a best selling author. But God's words are infinitely more important. Remember what the Bible says about God's word. In the beginning was the Word--John … Continue reading The Ministry of the Word

Give Me the Bible

Give me the Bible– holy message shining, Thy light shall guide me in the narrow way. Precept and promise, law and love combining, ‘Til night shall vanish in eternal day. We love the Bible. We love the Bible because of its author—2 Timothy 3:16. We love the Bible because it connects us with its author—1 … Continue reading Give Me the Bible


"Where did God come from?" Have you ever had a 4 year old ask you that question? It is difficult to explain to a child the concept of God's self-existence (God exists without being dependent upon anything). "Where did God come from?" is also a question that atheists put forward as an argument against there … Continue reading WHERE DID GOD COME FROM?

He Exists

"Without faith it is impossible to please him, for whosoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists, and that he rewards those who diligently seek him" (Hebrews 11:6 ESV). God is. Most of us probably take that fact for granted, but have we ever really examined the evidence. If the unexamined life … Continue reading He Exists


As they neared the shores of this life in their front porch rocking chairs, a grandfather said to his wife, "Mother, read the words to me again." She knowingly and with the same conviction and hope read, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall … Continue reading THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION IN MY LIFE

Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus Revelation 22:10-21 You finally schedule a repairman to come to the house. They say they will arrive sometime after 3 today or tomorrow. Which is it going to be? Will they be here tomorrow or the next day? Should I clean the house now, or do I have time to clean later? … Continue reading Come, Lord Jesus