ACTS 11:19-30    We want to be a great congregation.  That must be our goal.  Who decides what a great congregation is like?  What makes a congregation great?  What areas of ministry are most important to a great congregation?  What do great congregations do?  These are important lessons which we can learn from the book of Acts … Continue reading LEARNING TO BE A GREAT CONGREGATION


              We have been hearing a great deal of talk about a government shutdown and the implications it would have upon us and the world. Have you thought about what would happen if there was a church shutdown?  The Bible tells us that God planned that the church should make known “the unsearchable riches of … Continue reading CHURCH SHUTDOWN?


            You probably heard about the “hyper loop” on the news the last few days.  A hyperloop is a proposed mode of high-speed transportation developed by the entrepreneur and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.  It is said to go 800 miles an hour.  The designs have been made by this billionaire entrepreneur, but he doesn’t have … Continue reading WHAT IS THE GOSPEL?


I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!  What an understatement from the Apostle Paul.  Every Christian should be so very proud of the Gospel. It is simple enough for a child to understand. Profound enough to occupy the greatest minds. Beautiful enough to demand wonder and amazement. Powerful enough to save from sin … Continue reading WOW!


Let us approach the Bible as both soldiers and scholars.  Let us be scholars in what the mission of the early church and also serve as soldiers following the same book as our guide. God would have us to be prepared.  Before we can begin to march beside the ancient soldiers of the cross in … Continue reading PREPARED FOR SERVICE


When Nehemiah came to Jerusalem and saw the crumbled walls, he set out to rebuild the fallen. He described this desire as what "my God put into my heart to do for Jerusalem" (Neh. 2:12). He challenged the people saying, "You see the trouble we are in, how Jerusalem lies in ruins with its gates … Continue reading BUILD for GODS GLORY

Evangelism How To: The Woman at the Well

EVANGELISM HOW TO: THE WOMAN AT THE WELL JOHN 4 INTRODUCTION TO THE SCRIPTURE: Knowing how to recognize and utilize opportunities is key to spreading the Gospel. DISCUSSION OF THE SCRIPTURE: I. Everyday opportunities can become great victories for Christ. A. Jesus began a great evangelistic campaign with a simple visit to the well. B. … Continue reading Evangelism How To: The Woman at the Well


MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations”; Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” These are the last words Jesus spoke to his disciples, and they “went everywhere preaching the Word.” Paul wrote, ‘Yes, verily their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the … Continue reading MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE

Bring him to Jesus

BRING HIM TO JESUS MARK 2.4 "And not being able to bring him to Jesus on account of the crowd, they removed the roof where he was, and having made an opening they lowered the mattress upon which the paralyzed man lay. And Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralyzed man, son, your … Continue reading Bring him to Jesus